The Motherland Journey

I really enjoyed going with you to motherland in 2014. It was nice seeing Simba. Please keep me informed as I would like to go next time.


My name is Stella and I am in the tourism business. I met ATLE when they first come to Kenya in 2014. Thereafter, I visited with some of ATLE officers in California while on a tourism exhibition in Las Vegas. ATLE officers took me to see solar farms that are near Palm...

Civil Engineering

I met ATLE in Nairobi, Kenya 2014. I am a Civil Engineer in Kenya. While visiting my family in America, I called ATLE and they introduced me to local engineers who spent two days with me showing me how they build bridges. Great...

The Internship Program

I met ATLE in Nairobi, Kenya, 2014. After signing up for the internship program, they hooked me with an exchange program where I came to the USA for a month. I enjoyed the home stays and learned a lot about American culture. It was a wonderful...

Real Estate Investing

That was some good lecture on real estate investing. I would like to pursue that in the future. Keep me informed when you have classes.