New Book Showcases the Realities of the Phenomenon of Immigration of Africans to the U.S.

Marvin Opiyo highlights the intriguing stories of Africans deciding to immigrate to America in his new book, ‘Stuck Here: African Immigrants Tell Their Stories’.

In Stuck Here: African Immigrants Tell Their Stories, Educator and author Marvin Opiyo shares fascinating and heart-wrenching accounts from his extensive and intensive research. The process of immigration is one which marks a crucial turning point in one’s life. Not only does immigration impact the country and communities left behind, it also changes the face of the new landscape entered into, as well as the immigrants and their families.

While using mostly fictitious names to keep identities confidential, Stuck Here: African Immigrants Tell Their Stories showcases a wide variety of personalities, backgrounds, and issues of the storytellers’ experiences. The realities of leaving one world for an entirely contrasting new world is astounding. Readers will be compelled to empathize and understand better the ironic harshness versus benefits immigration can bring to individuals and families everywhere.

In Stuck Here: African Immigrants Tell Their Stories, some of the backdrops include the genocide in Rwanda, life during and after apartheid in South Africa, and life in Zimbabwe; pre- and post-independence. Opiyo gains the trust of individuals across the U.S. to share these stories so we can all understand, support one another, and prevent tragic mistakes. Opiyo says, “These are but a sample of the lives of a much larger African population in the United States. The decision to go, or not to go, can then be based on one’s readiness and ability to pay the price, which is often exorbitant.”

Marvin Opiyo

Marvin Opiyo, was born in South Nyanza, Kenya, and is an educator and author of Stuck Here: African Immigrants Tell Their Stories. Opiyo graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Kenyatta University, in Nairobi, Kenya. Later he earned Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Education from La Sierra University, in Riverside, California. Opiyo has taught and lectured in Kenya, Canada, and the U.S. and is the co-founder and inaugural chairman of the Kenyan American Association of Inland Empire (KAA). His passion for the education and welfare of immigrants inspired him to research the lives of Africans in America, which culminated in the writing of this book. Opiyo resides in Riverside, California with his wife Lillian, and three college-age children Nicholas, Geno, and Rehema.

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