ATLE is a non-profit organization with a goal of linking people from Africa on the International Market Place and Vice Versa.  Africa Trade Link and Expo is working on increasing skilled workers from Africa on the International Market place.


CANaDA Permanent Resident (PR) opportunities

Canada is admitting more than 1 million skilled and non-skilled workers as Permanent Residents (PR) between 2020 and 2023.  These opportunities will not be there forever as policies in this part of the world change quickly and it is important that you take advantage of the opportunities immediately before such policies are changed.  The basic requirement is a high school certificate/diploma and maximum requirement is a Ph.D. and above level.  People in all sectors such as caregivers, doctors, pharmacist, nurses, accountants, drivers, plumbers, business people, teachers etc.. qualify to apply for these jobs as long as they are able to pass an English/French test (ielts) and get their certificates credentialed (ECAs) among other requirement which is discussed at length in our coaching sessions.  The beauty of the Canada opportunity is the fact that you can become a Canadian citizenship if you opt to pursue that path in the future.   Currently there are more than six possible visas that one is able to apply for entry in Canada.  ATLE will go through all the visa types in details in our coaching session to ensure that you are able to understand the requirements thus increase your success rate in getting one of these visas to fulfill your desired job in Canada or in any other international market place.   Note:  Most recently, it has been reported that many people seeking visiting visas to Canada are being denied visiting visas therefore PR visas remain the most suitable means to migrate to Canada at the moment. 


To see Examples of current job openings on the International Market Place, CLICK HERE


USA Permanent Resident (PR) opportunities as well as work permit visas

USA remains a loved destination for most people in the world for work or migration.  There has been a slowdown in migration to the USA in the past two years due to current policies put in place by the current administration.  Most H1B visas are still available in many sectors if you are a skilled worker.  In the USA, the labor board has to approve shortage of workers in a particular skill or you cannot get a work permit easily.  In Canada, they are admitting thousands of people and the visas are easily available right now.  The USA is still admitting skilled workers such as Registered Nurses, IT, or any other jobs that Americans cannot fill easily due to specialized skills.  We will discuss these jobs in details during our coaching sessions so plan to register in our program to learn more.


Job opportunities in other parts of the world, bermuda, caribean, europe, australia, middle east etc.

ATLE continues to seek job opportunities around the world as our mission is to increase the number of Africans working on the International Market Place.  Most recently, we did assist with placement of Food and Beverage Servers and Registered Nurses in Bermuda.  We also placed people in the Caribbean as well as Qatar/Dubai.  As we get more opportunities round the world, we share the opportunities with those signed with ATLE.


Why Should I register with ATLE coaching PROGRAM?

As a Foreign-Trained professional, you are able to get proper work visa as well as proper migrant visa that will enable you and your family to migrate to these foreign countries for work.  Some of the professions such as Doctors, Pharmacist etc., are highly regulated career and therefore, there are certain exams that you must pass before you can practice in that country.  Such include passing the country’s local boards, IELTS/TOEFL as well as getting your certificates credentialed.  Once you sign up with our program, the specifics of what is required for each country are covered.  We also cover the following topics as we prepare you for the International Market Place job placements:

  1. Master of Self-Discipline
  2. Understanding Job Orders
  3. Meeting all language requirements, TOFLE or ielts when required.
  4. Getting all your foreign certificates credentialed and approved bodies to credential your certificates.
  5. Understanding specifics of each visa type and requirements
  6. Having access to settlement funds especially for PR programs (Note: Rich Uncle/Aunt’s bank statement alone will not count as settlement funds – must have proper settlement funds. ATLE will teach you how to present your funds for better outcome.)
  7. Having evidence of good conduct from your home country from the police Department.
  8. Making sure you have a passport for yourself and all your dependent if traveling with them.
  9. Making sure all your dependents have all required documents and that you include them on your application from the beginning to minimize huge legal fees later.
  10. How to increase your chances of PR visas by using kin who are already in Canada, USA for example.
  11. How to increase your CRA points by participating in job searches as well as province nominations etc.
  12. Information on how to complete all visa applications accurately and properly.
  13. How to write a winning resume – ready for hire
  14. Career areas that appear to be in high demand internationally.
  15. Immigration requirement – visas
  16. Acculturation and assimilation issues
  17. How to interview well for your visas
  18. Ways to negotiate for a better pay, etc.,


Is ATLe an agent organization?

ATLE is “NOT” an agent organization but a non-profit organization registered in the State of California, USA,  and therefore we do NOT charge exorbitant fees or work on “DEALS.”  What we do is walk you through the process through group coaching thus save you thousands of dollars in agent fee.  Individual coaching is also available. As a non-profit organization, we are using many donated hours to assist you with the necessary knowledge on “the process” with a hope that once you get hired you will become alumni of Africa Trade Link and Expo and donate towards our efforts so that we are able to assist others in the future for free or reduced prices. This concept is derived from the spirit of Ubuntu, which means, “You are because I am, because you are we-are.”  What ATLE is saying is that it is time “African people’ began giving back to their communities and not waiting on non-Africans to be the only donors of ATLE missions.  Donating to help ATLE will increase the number of Africans employed internationally and will enhance a bigger impact of exposing the people of African origin on the International Market Place.   At times, we are paid by the agencies looking for skilled workers and, in those instances, ATLE will never ask you to pay any additional fees.  We do require a minimal non-refundable registration fee to cover our administrative expenses. For new applicants registration is mandatory. Once you register with ATLE, we work with you for 6 months in assisting you brush up your skills so that you are able to understand the culture on the international market place.   ATLE is here to assist you and therefore stop believing in magic, good luck and witchcraft, in addition to paying thousands of dollars to scammers who do not have your interest at heart. Hard work and dedication are the answers to success and scammers always come in the form of quick deals and quick fixes.  Learning each countries’ migration laws and following requirement is key to ensure your success.  ATLE is a registered company in the State of California, USA, and has zero desire to scam/defraud you but to guide you throughout the process of getting a job on the International Market Place.  Our ATLE Motto is to “Always keep your eyes on the doughnut and not the doughnut hole.



Good pay starting with $12 per hour to $85 per hour

  • Legally and properly bring your family to America, Europe, and Canada etc. for example, and enjoy the American /Canadian life as well as good pay.
  • Your children will be able to study in high school free as America, Canada, grades 1-12 education is free.
  • Earn descent income to build that lovely home you wanted in Africa and uplift your extended family as well as community.
  • Enjoy safe raising your children in same communities.
  • Your family will be able to enjoy good medical insurance
  • America, Canada and Europe have a good retirement scheme.



AFRICA TRADE LINK AND EXPO is the “to go to place” to hire people from Africa 

If you are a “recruiting agency” that is looking for qualified personnel from Africa who want to work internationally, ATLE is “the to go to place.” ATLE professions are well prepared to adjust well internationally as they must go through the training set above.  If you are a recruiting agency, please contact us so that we can provide you with workers in all fields.  ATLE wants to work with all recruiting agencies across the world and is willing to train workers per each country specification.  ATLE will also place skilled workers in Africa.  If any African country is seeking certain skills in workers, let us know and we shall recruit the workers for you internationally.



Africa Trade Link and Expo, (ATLE) main office is located at 34428 Yucaipa Blvd, E174, Yucaipa, California, USA. We want to keep the cost down so all our instruction is done via WhatsApp as well as Email.  If we have offices on the African Continent, our cost will go much higher in the $2500 per person, which we have found to be an extreme hardship for most people.  Contact our head office via TEXT at +19096483537 if you have any questions.  We have been effective in reaching thousands of workers on the African continent without any problem.



Anybody who has a high school certificate or special skill required on the international market place can subscribe to ATLE.  Follow us on Facebook or YouTube to see any updates. and Facebook  and



ATLE guarantees that if you follow the instructions and commit to 1 hour a day learning on what is happening internationally, and applying all skills we train you; you will be able to succeed finding a job or PR on the international Market Place.  ATLE is also looking for different opportunities across the world to make sure that you get placement, whether in Canada, USA, Bermuda, Caribbean, Middle East, Australia or Europe.  Failure to follow our course outline cannot guarantee your success.  You have a responsibility to pass the ielts, get your transcripts credentialed as well as meet all visa requirement in order to succeed with getting a job or PR on the international market place.  ATLE will not do ielts for you as all those are administered through the British Council.  ATLE will guide you in making sure you take the proper ielts that may be needed for certain PR opportunities as there are many forms of ielts.

How much is the registration fee?

ATLE’s non-refundable registration fee is $200.  You will receive 6 months of training as stated above. ATLE donates many coaching hours to ensure your success and that is why most of the coaching is FREE.  Coaching is done in a group setting but if you desire one-on-one coaching let us know as you will be assessed a fee.   Note:  $200 non-refundable registration fee cannot pay for all your air ticket travel to Canada for example on a PR visa.  If you get a job offer, most employers do cover travel cost.  If not, settlement funds do come in hand to get you a visa and settled in your new country.  Africa, it is important that you invest in yourself to be competitive on the International Market Place and the idea that “somebody else needs to be investing in you or forget it attitude “does not put you in a competitive position on the International Market Place.  ATLE is here to guide you.  You can register by paying on line using the following link:

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