Africa Trade Link and Expo, (ATLE) serve as a bridge that links individuals, enterprises (SMEs) and other organizations to economic opportunities. Such opportunities include, Nursing Job Opportunities in the USA, Canada, etc., Job Opportunities for those who are not Registered Nurses, Fun and Business Tours in America/Africa, Individual/Company Exposure on the International Market Place –ATLE systems, Assistance in Opening of 99 Cents “like” Stores in the USA – Diasporas, Professional, Student and Cultural Exchange Programs, Import and Export Business, Links to Wholesalers in the USA – Hair, Bedding, Clothing and Beauty Products etc., Starting a Caregiving Business – USA only, Real Estate Investment Project in California –USA, Preservation of African Culture – Video Recordings, among many other opportunities that ATLE deems appropriate and the ones that aligns with ATLE mission statement.

One attains fortune through mentors.  Our mission is to link individual/businesses from Africa on the international market place as well as link international businesses/individuals to opportunities in Africa.  ATLE is designed to provide you with guidance as you venture on the international market place and assist you with information to avoid making mistakes (save you money) as well as hold your hand throughout the process of venturing on the international market place.  Africa Trade Link and Expo (ATLE) provide a unique service as described above.  ATLE’s vision is to give individuals opportunity to become independently wealthy through job exposure as well as business exposure.  This information is very important for people from Africa.  Read the information below before proceeding to sign up with any of our products. 

What Must I do to succeed in My Journey finding Opportunities on the International Market Place?

  1. Learn to read and listen. Most Africans learn through memorization.  The international market place require “Critical Thinking Skills” that demand that you must learn how to read and comprehend the questions before answering.  Most Africans do not like to read and this may be your greatest detriment in succeeding to advance on the international market place.
  1. Master of Communication. Most Africans way of communicating is confrontational which can be extremely misunderstood as being “rude.”  Learn how to communicate effectively without always thinking that someone is “out to get you.” The command of proper English language accompanied with knowledge base and empathy will make you succeed on the International Market Place.  For example, when we ask people to pay a fee, for example a $100 fee, to fund our research department, we get such negative responses that include “why are you scamming us?, I do not have the money and why can’t you give me the information for free?, why are you guys taking money from poor people like us?, is the $100 going to pay for all my exams and my trip and accommodation in India when I take the NCLEX?”

If I was an employer/potential recruiter, I would not hire this person.  First and foremost, $100 cannot afford you a steak for a family of four in a restaurant.  This fee is little and a way to fund all these wonderful research. ATLE would not be having this information/conversation with you to begin with without this research.  Use Google app to see how much it is going to cost you to go to India before you imagine that $100 is a lot of money to afford you everything.  Use “common sense” in your analogy and not “emotion”, and “deals.”

ATLE wants Africa to be competitive on the International Market Place and the idea of handouts has to end before Africa can begin to advance and be recognized on the International Market Place.  If you are given this opportunity, represent Africa well so that many more people can get the same opportunity in the future.  Your “bad attitude and poor communication” will cause bad “stereotypes of African People” to the extent that the international market place will not be interested in doing business with people from Africa. Africa let us open doors for many more behind us. 

  1. Content: Before responding to anything, take time to read and understand the questions/instructions.  The Western world is good at reading and following instructions. Most Africans are used to being spoon fed, magic, good luck and deals thus most do not take time to read and understand the question before answering.  Most Africans are smart and this process is not difficult if you can spend time reading and understanding the questions before responding.   Be though and precise in your answers. 
  1. Stop believing in Magic, Deals, Good Luck, Witchcraft, Failing: You must read, understand and spend at least one-two hour a day reading or researching.  For example, for those taking the NCLEX exam, which is a required prerequisite to be hired on the International Market Place as nurse.  PLEASE, do not test if you are scoring at 60%. You Must score at 90% and above to schedule your test.  We recommend paying for extra services through any agency.  For example, Vhealth International will provide African Nurses a pretest and a posttest to make sure that you are ready to test before you spend all your life savings on a ticket going to India to take your NCLEX when it is clear that you will not pass.  There is no magic  Hard work and commitment is what is going to see you through. 
  1. Keep your eyes on the doughnut and not the hole: The international market place has great potential as described above and keep the goal fresh to make it happen by reading and executing accordingly.  We all build castles in the air, but how many of us move into these castles.  I hope you are among those people who are going to move into this castle by subscribing to at least one of the programs ATLE has to offer.  Spending a couple thousands of dollars to get your end benefit is worth it.  Remember nothing is free in this world.  You get what you pay for.  Africans want a steak for a price of a doughnut.  You will be able to make five years’ salary in one month.  If not, good luck and keep your day job, as international ventures are not for everybody. 
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