ATLE provides two (2) distinct services for its members, Business Portal, Business Linking and Mentorship Program.

Business Portal: ATLE encourages international companies that want to do business with Africa to register their company on this business portal. In addition to all African companies that want to expand their business to an International Market Place to list their companies on this portal.  You company is seen by all potential customers for FREE.  Great opportunity to expose your company to potential clients worldwide thus increases your income potential.

Business Linking and Mentorship Program: One attains fortune through mentors.  Our mentorship program is designed to provide you with guidance as your start your business to avoid making mistakes as well as hold your hand through the fears of starting a business.  Africa Trade Link and Expo (ATLE) provides a unique service, business linking and mentorship program, for individuals who want to own their own business or who desire to invest in real estate. It can be daunting to undertake a venture in a new environment or to begin a business or service without technical help. Through our business linking and mentorship program, ATLE will shepherd the process of you starting your own business.  ATLE is committed to helping people’s dreams come true through acquiring wealth and financial freedom with a specific goal of having more cash flow, increasing their net worth, tax benefits and more dollars that is normally associated with appreciation of the business or real estate.

For Manufacturers, ATLE is looking for manufacturers that are looking for distributors/retailers of their products to work closely with ATLE mentorship program in assisting individuals become their product distributors or retailers.   

And finally, we provide Workshops and Seminars for various disciplines and different areas of business.  Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming workshops and seminars.  Follow us on face book and LinkedIn.


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