Social Services – Caregiver Business

Are you a caregiver?  This is an opportunity to make more money caring for people as a business and not as an employee. Potential income is about $4,500 monthly per client.  Maximum client capacity is eight (8) per house

Description of Technical Services to be provided by ATLE:

  1. Help client determine which license is most suited for their business need
  2. Assist client and direct client on how to get licensed with CCL.
  3. Provide client with information on licensing orientation dates and time
  4. Provide client with information on the Department’s orientation dates and time
  5. Provide client with information on getting proper training such as CPR/First AID certification.
  6. Provide client with information on Fire Department Requirement (all clients must contact Fire Department to evaluate their home if they need non-ambulatory client prior to renting a place to ensure they are within licensing guidelines.
  7. Assist client in making sure they have completed their application which includes program statement. .
  8. Assist client in identifying placing agencies to ensure they receive clients.
  9. Assist client in providing a sample quarterly report to be given to the placing agency
  10. Train the client on what is required to maintain their license as well as remain in good relationships with the placing agencies and Community Care Licensing for continued placement of clients in their care.

Remuneration and Payment Terms:

The fee for this business linking service is $5000. This fee does not include any fee that needs to be paid to licensing agencies or any other cost that is required to run your business.


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