Description of Technical Services to be provided by ATLE:

Power Africa is a big business and with God-given solar, you cannot go wrong with this business.  Most of these solar devices are easy to install.  ATLE will provide you with our list of suppliers.  You buy them and install for people and you can make a lot of money at the same time powering Africa.  


  1. Licensing requirement
  2. Taxes, accounting and book keeping
  3. Protecting your assets
  4. Funding for your business
  5. Insurance
  6. Providing you with distributors and manufacturers of good quality solar products
  7. Provide you with a tour of such distributors in Los Angeles, California
  8. Providing you tips of locating suitable location for your business
  9. Providing you with different marketing strategies
  10. Assisting you with locating store fixtures
  11. Assisting you with purchasing the merchandise
  12. Opening of your store
  13. Signing you up for different trade shows
  14. You will receive discounted vendor booth at our trade shows

    Remuneration and Payment Terms:

    The fee for this business linking service is $2500.  You are responsible to pay any other cost associated with starting your business.  We are accessible, innovative, down to earth, educated, empowering, personable and have proven success at this business.  The benefits of starting your business is you are the one in control, you get to build something and employ others through creating jobs, you have option of a more flexible lifestyle, might change the world, and make more money.


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