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ATLE is looking for people in Africa who want to export/import their products to the USA/Africa or People in America/International Marketplace who want to export/import their product from Africa/USA or International Marketplace.

Description of Technical Services to be provided by ATLE:

ATLE is here to assist you export/import your products from Africa to America and verse versa.  For the African client, with AGOA most products from Africa to America have been exempt from duty.  The problem is that most people do not know how to go about getting their product to the American marketplace.  America is a huge consumer. ATLE will assist you to get your product into local American/International Marketplace stores such as Amazon if you have capacity.  That alone can make a difference to your business success. If you do not have capacity, the best solution is to consolidate with other companies to export your products to America.  We have had a huge interest in people wanting to bring precious stones, tea and coffee from Africa to America.  Once you have proper licenses, ATLE will assist you in finding market in America/International Marketplace. ATLE will assist people in Africa in purchasing heavy duty equipment for their heavy duty work such as water drilling rigs, construction equipment, mining, and any other items not listed above etc. 

Purchasing Goods or Service from America/International Marketplace to Africa.  If you are interested in purchasing American brand name products or any goods from China, ATLE will work closely with you in making sure that your goals are achieved by researching for you all the suppliers, distributors and manufacturers of the products.  We have in the past helped clients purchase products, such as commodities (cosmetics, clothing, and food items), heavy duty machinery, construction equipment, helicopters and small airplanes.  ATLE can organize funding or credit facilities if you qualify under the guidelines of the export bank. ATLE will also assist in bringing skilled labor to train their partners in Africa. Such skilled labor has been utilized in construction, mining, agriculture, solar energy, and health etc.  Contact us if there is an area not listed that you need help with. 

Remember ATLE does not serve as a middleman. Once we provide you with the technical assistance, you are on your own to run your business. ATLE will not accept “deals” on commission.  We provide a service which must be paid upfront before the work begins. 

You will receive discounted vendor booth at our trade shows and any necessary advice regarding your import/export business.  ATLE can organize a one company mission in America as well as Africa if you have the capacity.  Get started now. 

Remuneration and Payment Terms:

The fee for this business linking service is $5,000. This fee does not include licensing requirements or any other fee that may be required for opening your business in your home country or city. If additional services are required, you may be required to pay more. Details will be discussed with you.  


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