The grain business is a profitable venture.  We can link you to large-scale or small-scale opportunities for selling grains.  This is an opportunity that can be done on a part-time basis as well as full-time basis.  You have a great potential for doubling your investment in a short time because people must eat and survive on grains.

Description of Technical Services to be provided by ATLE:

ATLE has noted that small-scale African farmers cultivate and harvest grains such as corn and wheat but have no means of commercializing their harvest and turning it into cash.  Therefore, they get discouraged and cease to grow grains for commercial purpose.  While people in the big cities are going hungry and can hardly afford to buy grains to feed their families adequately.  There is definitely a disconnect and thus the opportunity.  We are looking for people who can buy these grains from the farmers and package for the local market as well as the international market.   ATLE will educate you on packaging these grains as well as keeping first quality standards to attract international markets.  ATLE will expose local farmers to the international market which will create profitability and sustainability into the future.  ATLE is looking for people/companies to become suppliers and distributors of grains.  Remember ATLE does not serve as a middleman and therefore after the training you keep all the profits. In addition, you will receive free advertising for a year through all our social media networks and websites.  You will receive discounted vendor booth at our trade shows and any necessary advice regarding opening a grain store and how to get a business license, as necessary. ATLE will introduce you to packaging companies that will provide you with all the material for first quality packaging.   If the suppliers are in California and you want to visit them in person, ATLE will be happy to accompany you on your first buy of packaging machines and supplies.

Remuneration and Payment Terms:

The fee for this business linking service is $2500.  You are responsible to pay any other cost associated with starting your business.  We are accessible, innovative, down to earth, educated, empowering, and personable and have proven success at this business.  The benefits of starting your business is you are the one in control, you get to build something and employ others through creating jobs, you have option of a more flexible lifestyle, might change the world, and make more money.


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