When Isaac Muthui quit his job at a local bank in Kenya three years ago, he knew the decision was too much of a risk but was determined to open the door to his next chapter of entrepreneurship.  His wife Rhoda was very supportive allowing him to sell some of the family property in order to venture into entrepreneurship.

“You really cannot get anywhere in life without taking risks. You can imagine I sold almost every property I owned, just to raise money to start this business,” Mr. Muthui recalls.

In October of 2014, Churchblaze Group was founded by Mr. Muthui. To date, it has nine fully pledged subsidiary companies, Churchblaze Social Network, Blazebay, Homestay Safari, Nurupay, Nuru Sacco, Q-Kut, Vinya Cloud Accounting Software and Vinya CRM. The company has six Directors who are all Kenyans with Mr. Muthui as the CEO, Innovator and Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Muthui reports that his talent in ICT and ICT related matters was identified by his father while growing up in his village. This was evidenced by the fact that anytime he came across any electronic gadgets, he would dismantle and re-assemble to their original state. This fact paved way in his choice of career. Mr. Muthui graduated with a degree in Computer Science.  In addition, he holds a Diploma and Higher Diploma in Management Information Systems specializing in Data and Web Security and Computer Forensics.

The 35-year-old Isaac Muthui sold his property and travelled to Gurgaon, a technological hub in India, where he advanced his skills in ICT and mobile apps as he was unable to get the same training and skills in Kenya.

While in India, Mr. Muthui met IT geniuses who assisted him in developing the website for his business.  In addition, he was provided with training for his Kenyan team that would support and enhance his innovations.

Mr. Muthui reported that while on one of his trips to different parts of the world, he was offered Sh600 million to sell Churchblaze Group but he declined.  Mr. Muthui reported that he called his partners in Kenya and his partner advised him against selling

this innovation.  Mr. Muthui reports that he will not be surprised if Churchblaze is valued at over Sh100 billion in five years.”

Churchblaze’ tremendous growth has attracted the attention of local and international corporate organizations who want to use these platforms to enhance their business operations. Mr. Muthui’s vision is to develop and maintain these platforms that solve Africa’s problems and also place Africa at the world’s techie space.

“My dream is to see a person selling popcorn machines in Nairobi, Kenya, be seen by buyers in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania or even in California, U.S.A.  Traders should stop limiting themselves in their areas of operation,” Mr. Muthui says. Mr. Muthui says when traders are noticed far and wide, they might continue to do business even when the prevailing local markets are slow.

Homestay safari is specifically designed to assist local and international tourists get homes all over the world to stay in during their tour visits. The website enables home owners to have their otherwise underused homes listed on the site for tourist booking purposes, thus giving homeowners a source of income. “Tourism is steadily shifting towards home stay as opposed to hotel stay,” Muthui says.

Nunua254 is an online shopping solution that enables people to shop from the comfort and convenience of their homes or offices and have their shopping items delivered to their residence or office. This platform will benefit shoppers who do not wish to be caught in traffic jam or waiting lines at local supermarkets. “In addition, jobs will be created by the delivery crew,” Mr. Muthui points out.

Blazebay is an online shopping platform intended for imports and exports. The platform is used by those on international businesses, enabling wider choices to be made by exporters and importers and putting Africa on the world business map.

Blazesoft is a web design, development and custom software development product that offers tailor-made application development solutions for businesses. Blazesoft has four major applications, Somamate, Q-Kut, Vinya CRM, and Vinya Accounts.

Somamate is an integrated communication application linking pupils, teachers and parents on real-time basis.  It uses low-cost mobile technology to give users educational lessons and assessments through SMS, the Web and Android platform App to create a real-time communication channel between all the stakeholders in schools.

Q-Kut is an application that maximizes operational efficiency and staff productivity through the smart queue management. Q-Kuts helps business entities manage waiting lines by providing visitors with an easy ordering method based on prescheduled appointments (timeslots).“ For example, with this product, you will start queuing at the bank even before you leave your home,” Mr. Muthui says, Vinya Accounts are CRM are both Record keeping and customer relationship applications designed for SME’s.

The latest Mr. Muthui has ventured into is Blockchain and Crypto Currency technologies. Being very passionate about Africa as a continent and with the hope of ‘Making Africa a real cool place”, as Mr. Muthui would exclaim, he took a rather unpopular decision and a path that is less travelled to create the first African cryptocurrency called Nurucoin (NRCT).  You can buy this coin on www.nurucoin.com.

Africa is rather notorious for its volatile political and economic landscape. Nurucoin is being developed for BlazeBay which is kind of like Alibaba by way of comparison and currently works with about 200 merchants.

What Mr. Muthui wants to do is nothing less than to completely change the way business happens in Africa through the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He is starting in East and Central Africa with a solution to deal with the volatile currency situation, especially in countries like Zimbabwe and Congo where their currency is crippled. His objective is to eliminate as many of the corrupt middlemen that always get involved and create something that is modular, scalable and simple to facilitate intra-African trade.

Many ICO’s only have a white paper and a website without even having any proof of concept code. In the case of Nurucoin, Mr. Muthui and team have a big business already running and have already built all sorts of financial products to support that business, now they are just implementing the blockchain and cryptocurrency functions into it. There doesn’t seem to be any question that they can do it, and there does appear to be a large potential market with pent up demand to cater to.

In addition to Blazebay, they have a retail shopping system called Nunua254 with over 10,000 active users. They own a local payment gateway NuruPay and finally, a financial and shopping services portal called Nunur. All of this gives Nurucoin the ready-made market and tools needed to adopt cryptocurrency and blockchain technology quickly and with a lot of users. So what is it Nurucoin is doing specifically?

With an enormous disparity in exchange rates for currencies between the various African nations and the very real possibility of surveillance of purchases for potentially nefarious use, the wider markets are difficult to work with outside of a particular country. Nurucoin is first being deployed in a version of BlazeBay called BlazeBayBlock (B3) and a B2C to provide SME businesses in Africa a simple channel to grow their business. Phase 2 will encompass B2B functionality to facilitate supply chain.


Contact Information: www.nurucoin.com.

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