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As 2015 ends, Kenyans have a basketful of expectations in the coming year from the Chinese, who have touched their lives in different sectors.

From infrastructure to technology, Kenyans expect the Chinese to continue investing in the country, and even do more projects than they did in 2015.

Bernard Mositet, a government worker, noted Tuesday that the construction of the standard gauge railway by the Chinese brought hope in his village in 2015. And for 2016, the financial officer is looking forward to rapid development.

“For me, 2016 is the year that my rural home in Sultan Hamud on the border of Makueni and Kajiado counties will be awakened. I believe the Chinese will complete the construction of the standard gauge railway on time, which passes about 300m from my parent’s home,” he said.

Already, indications are clear that a small train station may be located in the area as there was one under the old railway.

“I cannot envision how the railway will benefit my area. We have already benefited from sale of land to the government at a good fortune for the construction of the railway, but that is in the past. What will happen in the future with the railway is all that matters to me,” he said.

Calvin Wasonga, a junior lawyer at a firm in Nairobi, said that he expects the Chinese to conclude the construction of the southern bypass in the capital. The road is a crucial artery that runs from the south of Nairobi to the northwest.

“I use the Southern by-pass every day from Langata to Mombasa road, where I work in a law firm because it is convenient and saves me time,” said Wasonga.

According to the lawyer, Chinese built roads have put Kenya on the world map and are some of the best gifts China has ever given to Kenya.

“The roads have eased traffic congestion in Nairobi city, and technology used by Chinese companies to build them is fantastic. I expect them to continue building the roads in 2016,” he said.

For Patricia Ameyo, a university student in Nairobi, 2016 should see more sleek smartphones come from China to Kenya.

“This is my first smartphone. I can take a selfie with it, listen to radio and record music. If Chinese companies had not brought their affordable phones to Kenya, perhaps I would never enjoy such services,” she said, adding that she is looking forward to getting a new, trendy, multifunctional and affordable smartphone from China.

“The good thing is that the choice is unlimited from the Chinese –if it is not Tecno, I will go for Infinix. Lenovo or Huawei. With the affordable phones, I know that I can save my pocket money and get myself the gadget.”
Source: Kenya looks to China for further infrastructure and financial development in 2016

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