Who is Africa Trade Link and Expo (ATLE)?

ATLE is a non-profit organization with a goal of linking people from Africa on the International Market Place.  Africa Trade Link and Expo has been wondering why Africa is not known for anything.  For example, China is known for Manufacturing, Germany for Engineering and India for IT and Medicine.  In addition, India and Philippines have strong network for preparing their nurses for the International Market place as demonstrated by the fact that they have an NCLEX testing site in their countries (India and Philippines).  There is no site on the African Continent that can administer the NCLEX exam to the best of my knowledge. Regardless of this fact, ATLE is encouraging Nurses from Africa who want to work in America, Canada and other the International Market Places to sign up and pursue the opportunity of working as Nurses in America, Canada and Europe etc. 

Nursing JOB Opportunity on the International Market Place (Registered Nurses)

Register with ATLE if you are a Nurse who want to get a job on the International Market Place.  ATLE will provide you with pertinent information to achieve this goal. As a foreign-trained Registered Nurse, you are able to get proper work visa as well as proper migrant visas that will enable you and your family to migrate to these foreign countries for work.  There are certain exams that you must pass to qualify to file for this visa.  Such include passing the NCLEX and CGFNS, IELTS/TOEFL as well as getting your certificates credentialed.  However, WAIT as specifics of what is required is discussed during your one-on-one consultation.  Once you pay your non-refundable administration fee, you will receive a call to schedule the one-on-one consultation. As a non-profit organization, the registration fee is minimal and used to keep the ATLE office opened (international calls are expensive) as we realize that most people are not taking advantage of these opportunities due to high and exorbitant AGENT fees.  ATLE is “NOT” an agent and therefore we do not do “DEALS.”  What we do is walk you through the process thus saving you thousands of dollars in agent fee.  As a non-profit, we are using many donated hours to assist you with the process.  You will be added to our WhatsApp group for continued support until you are ready to migrate and start your new job.  Additional charges may apply if you need a coach for NCLEX.  Things to keep in mind as you start your journey of finding a Nursing job on the International Market Place.  (1) Content – learn to listen, read and follow instructions. (2) Master effective communication skills – Avoid being rude and confrontational (3) Use “common sense” in your analogy and not “emotion” and “deals.”  (4) Stop believing in magic, good luck and witchcraft and “Always keep your eyes on the doughnut and not the doughnut hole.

Why Seek a Nursing Career on the International Market Place

 Good pay starting with $25 per hour to $85 per hour

  • Legally and properly bring your family to America, Europe, and Canada etc. for example, and enjoy the American /Canadian life as well as good pay.
  • Your children will be able to study in high school free as America grades 1-12 education is free.
  • Earn descent income to build that lovely home you wanted in Africa and uplift your extended family as well as community.
  • Learn modern nursing principles that you can apply when you return to your home country in the future.
  • Save Africa from disease by educating your family on better health care management
  • Your family will be able to enjoy good medical insurance
  • America, Canada and Europe have a good retirement scheme.


 (ATLE) offers a range of services designed to guide you reach your potential as a nurse or healthcare provider on the international market place. Once you register and pay your registration fee, ATLE will provide you with a manual that will provide you with an overview of steps you MUST take to achieve your dream.  Such Include:

  1. Step by step manual of what needs to be done to get a nursing job in America
  2. Resources for Study Materials to pass the NCLEX, IELTS/TOEFL and CGFNS etc.
  3. Agencies such as Vhealth International that will hold your hand to make sure you pass the NCLEX and CGFNS exams (COACHING FEE APPLIES)
  4. Procedure and contact information on how to complete all necessary applications and registration forms and what is required for credentialing. 
  5. A list of recruitment agencies that will hire you once you pass your NCLEX and CGFNS
  6. Immigration requirement – visas
  7. Acculturation and assimilation issues.
  8. Ways to negotiate for a better pay instead of being stuck in 2-3 year contracts with some of the recruiting agencies that only pay you 1/3 of your salary.   

Is Africa Trade Link and Expo, Model for everyone? 

Yes, ATLE is a model for everybody as it is the “to go to place” to gather all information regarding how to get a Nursing job on the international Market Place especially if you are coming in from Africa.  Once you understand the basics then you will be best educated to pick the right resources to assist you throughout the processes.  As a non-profit agency, our job is to provide you with information so that you can save money as well as make educated decision on what company to sign up with to assist you prepare for the NCLEX and CGFNS as well as hire you once you pass the exam. There are many nurses from India, Philippine, Europe that come to work in America and very many limited agencies assisting people from Africa to come to the United States for a better paying job in the nursing career.  ATLE does care about Africa very much and that is why you are reading about this information now. 

Who should subscribe to this service?

REGISTERED NURSES in Africa, who have completed a Certificated/Diploma NURSING TRAINING and licensed in their country WITH their BOARD OF NURSING as a “Registered Nurse.” All Nursing students still in college who desire to find a job on the International Market Place.  Note: assistant nurses, medical therapist, doctors, clinical officers do not qualify for this recruitment but may apply on the one for “all other sectors.”   

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Canada Connection?

If you are a registered nurse and enjoy a classroom setting to assist you pass your NCLEX exam, we have a great resource for you through Canada.  You will receive hospital internship as you study for your exam.  This can be done in 12 months to 18 months.  If you can afford approximately $20,000 for the 18 months and you want to migrate immediately, this may be an option for you.  You will get a work visa, employment and green card and most likely a Canadian citizenship once you pass your nursing exam.  Contact us if you are interested in this option.


ATLE guarantees that if you follow the instructions and commit to 2-3 hours a day studying for your NCLEX exam you will pass and be on your way to America/Canada as a Registered Nurse.

Where is ATLE Located?

Africa Trade Link and Expo, (ATLE) main office is located in Yucaipa, California, USA. We are working on getting Satellite offices in Africa and looking to partner with Businesses/Nursing School in Africa in the future.  Contact us if interested. 

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