Africa Trade Link and Expo realized that some of the African cultures are on the verge of extinction.  This is an effort to document all these cultures as much as possible with a hope of preserving some of the history.  Many African cultures pass on information through oral interactions.  We want to document this information in video format as it is easy to stream on phone or TV channels and share worldwide.  We are looking for artists who want to assist in documenting this history of African cultures through narration, comedy, folk tales, riddles, music, and other traditions such as marriage, funeral and overall way of life of their people to participate in this project.  Anybody is welcomed to participate in this project by submitting a video of his or her culture on any one topic.  The video should be three to five minutes long for easy viewing and sharing on current social Medias.  These clips will be seen by generations to come.  Once ATLE sees good work from the artist, ATLE will award some mini grants to the artist to assist in the video recording efforts. The video will be documented with a sub title of the culture it is coming from. We also encourage the artist to document the video in their language if possible and have the editing department of the videographer translate or caption the words in English at the bottom of the screen so that people worldwide who do not understand the language can enjoy watching the video too and appreciate your culture.  If you are a story teller or an artist, submit your video through WhatsApp at +19096483537 or email:   Add ATLE logo on the video.  That will give us an express authorization to share your video or work on the international marketplace. 


 For example, we are piloting the Maragoli People of Kenya and you can watch some of their video on YouTube. Type in Maragoli Fun Group after clicking on this direct link and all videos done from this tribe will appear.  Follow link below:

Facebook: .


This project is being supported by well wishers who desire to support the documentation of African history as it is on the verge of extinction.  We are accepting donations from well wishers worldwide. Oprah, Steve Harvey and all the movies stars and any other person, business, African or non African, we appeal for your support in this effort.  Your donations are tax deductible as ATLE is a California Nonprofit organization.  We do acknowledge sponsors on each clip. It is costing us average of $50 per clip. You will go in history for supporting such efforts. Do not let our culture die.    For those in the Diaspora pay on line using this link. Africa Trade Link and Expo, Cultural Preservation Project. or if in Kenya, AFRICA TRADE LINK AND EXPO, BANK OF AFRICA, KENYA, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 05405520007 AND PAYBILL Number is 972900.

Who should subscribe to this product?

Anybody from Africa who sees a need to preserve our culture.  I am appealing to all artists, historians, or anybody who has raw material in a video format and wants to document a historic part of their culture to subscribe to this service. 

Where is ATLE Located?

Africa Trade Link and Expo, (ATLE) main office is located in Yucaipa, California, USA. We are working on getting Satellite offices in Africa.  Contact us if interested at +19096483537 (WhatsApp Number). 

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