Submit your individual/business videos to ATLE so that we can showcase them on all our networks.  Our on refundable registration fee for this service is only $25.  ATLE wants to expose you to people in Africa as well as to expose people/companies from Africa on the international market place.  We do have a big following in Africa as well as in America and people are always looking for such opportunities.  This is also a good way to know whether people would be interested in your products/services.  If for any reason you desire extra services from ATLE, let us know as we can discuss and agree on the way forward with you.   We ask that you produce a video showcasing your product/service.  Go on our website and add ATLE logo.  The added logo will act us an express permission allowing ATLE to showcase your video on our networks.  Make sure that your video has all your contact information so that people can get hold of you directly as ATLE is not in a position to answer all your business questions. 

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Who should subscribe to this product?

Anybody who wants to get their business exposed on the international market place.    Such companies include those with export and import type products, AGOA, (crafts, shoes, tea, gold, minerals, organic foods, clothing, entertainment, above super skills etc).  

Where is ATLE Located?

Africa Trade Link and Expo, (ATLE) main office is located in Yucaipa, California, USA. We are working on getting Satellite offices in Africa.  Contact us if interested at +19096483537 (WhatsApp Number). 

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