ATLE Gifting is an extension of Africa Trade Link and Expo, Inc. (ATLE). ATLE is a nonprofit organization, 501(c) (3, Tax ID Number 46-3556491, registered with the State of California. Its goal is to help improve the quality of life of people on the continent of the USA, Africa, Haiti, Asia, Mexico, South America, as well as other developing countries by providing them with items such
as (1) Medical Equipment and Supplies, (2) Musical Instruments for Schools, (3) Sanitary Towels
for Young Girls and Women in need (4) Used/New Clothing and Shoes for those in need and (5)
Educational Books and Toys for children in need.  ATLE will receive any other gifts that are in good condition.  ATLE is also accepting cash donations to assist with subsidizing the mentoring program. 


Contact us at (909) 648 3537 to make arrangement on receiving your donated items. You may also email us at  All donations are tax deductible. Do not forget to request for a letter. 



The benefit of being a member of ATLE family is  that you get the supplies for free. You must show that you are needy, a non-profit organization to qualify to receive these items. Demonstrate need or that these items will be used for the public good such as schools, hospitals, women groups if not registered as a non-profit organization. You also understand that you will get the items for free but you are responsible for all local handling as well as international shipping charges to your country if you are outside the USA. If you have any questions, please email  When any donation items are available, they will be posted on the website and on our social media.  Request to join our closed face book and LinkedIn group, Africa Trade Link and Expo (ATLE),  or follow us on both face book and LinkedIn.  You may also reach the president of ATLE via LinkedIn


Please see ATLE Gifting pdf below for more information.


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