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Founder and President Girish Sharma created Alpha Polyplast Limited (“Alpha”) out of an immense desire to improve the overall quality of life in his hometown of Ndola, Zambia. By creating a need for discarded plastic bottles, he has improved the aesthetic of surrounding cities by removing plastic waste from the streets and converting it into something beneficial for various industries such as Paper Mills, Cotton Ginneries, corrugated box manufacturers, Brick Manufacturers, timber Companies, Can Plants, and more. It is the first and only PET strapping plant in Central and Southern Africa and it currently employs 96 people directly in its operations and indirectly supporting over 320 people through its bottle collections program giving sustenance to many low income Zambian people and their families.

Mr. Sharma was educated in Africa, India and ultimately the United Kingdom where he left University after only completing less than 1 year. As the eldest grandson, he left school to help his father and grandfather expand the family business. After many years dedicating hours each day to the family business, Mr. Sharma decided to follow his dreams and left for the United States with 3 young daughters and a wife in tow. While the rest of his family was wary of trying something new, Mr. Sharma was determined to create a Tissue paper Mill in Orlando, Florida and Unicell Paper Mills was born in 2001. On paper Girish Sharma’s life seems to mimic an ordinary, semi-privileged man’s life. However, his life has not always been a seamless and easy one. It is important to note that in the face of adversity, he has always risen up and landed on his own two feet due to pure determination and the will to keep going. He is passionate about the environment and business, and has married the two together in perfect harmony with Alpha as the result.

Alpha Polyplast Limited was born out of Mr. Sharma’s desire to come back to where it all started for him. He created this environmentally efficient and ingenious PET Strapping manufacturing Plant with some very simple ideals and goals in mind: find a prevalent problem in Zambia, work with other companies to help eradicate that problem, and create jobs for local civilians in the process. Girish Sharma has done all of that and more with Alpha. He currently works closely with ZEMA (Zambia Environmental Management Authority) and many local Zambia comanies to help clean cities of post-consumer PET bottles. Not only are these rejected items bad for the environment, they are also detrimental to local wildlife.

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Alpha has over 6 large PET bottles bailing lines to package all of the bottles it collects in all the cities. Its washing and flake line can process over 750kg per hour of bottles. The PET Strapping line can produce 750kg per hour of strapping. The machinery is of the finest grade from Europe so producing quality PET strapping materials is not an issue. He has accounted for typical obstacles that may arise out of manufacturing in Zambia such as power outages, delivery times, and quality of employees. The issue that Mr. Sharma has been having is lack of market penetration of the need for this type of material. It is used everywhere in the United States and Europe, and has yet to make its way to Central Africa until now. Alpha has made good inroads into the regional Southern African markets including South Africa, where it has had limited success due to cheap imports from Asia without any tariffs or import duty to protect a company like Alpha. Alpha Polyplast Limited is a fantastic manufacturing Plant that has not only taken a problem and created a solution for it, but has also remained economical and environmentally efficient. This type of regard for our society, environment, and economy should not go unnoticed. More companies should try to be environmentally friendly and should also consider conducting business with companies whose foundation is built on those principles—such as Alpha Polyplast Limited.

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